VOCHI video editor, which can turn any tiktocker into a motion designer, gets $1.5 million from Genesis Investments

Genesis Investments invested $1.5 million in the VOCHI Video Editing application, founded by Belarusian developer Ilya Lesun. This is the second round of investment after pre-seed investment from Bulba Ventures in 2019.

VOCHI is an application for adding cool motion effects to videos with a simple user-friendly interface. The main competitive advantage is the unique object segmentation algorithm technology. It allows the user to add effects on the separate objects in the video —  for example, to blur everything except for a running dog or to make the earthquake motion around a dancing user: 

Developed by founders neural network does everything independently — a user only needs to tap on the object in the video and it will immediately be captured for editing:

The phenomenon of video content spread strengthens the faith of founders and investors that VOCHI has the potential for explosive growth. In 2019, the mobile photo and video content market has already almost exceeded $6 billion,  with year-over-year growth of 71%.  According to a recent Cisco study, video content will take 80% of the Internet traffic by 2021.

In his short interview for TechCrunch publication, VOCHI founder Ilya Lesun highlights a boom of platforms for sharing short videos like TikTok, where the target audience of content creators publish their videos. App mainly targets USA users, but the application is also available worldwide and supports 12 languages.

CEO of Genesis Investments Vitaliy Laptenok notes that VOCHI brings creators the value of video self-expression simplifying. He is convinced that a partnership of extraordinary founders and experienced technical experts will lead to turning an early stage startup into a disruptive innovator.

Now the application is available for both iOS and Android devices. A subscription-based model includes 24 hours of free pro version usage and the options to buy a subscription or use limited functionality with ads for free. In addition, the referral system gives 7 free pro-days for each invited friend.

As a portfolio company, VOCHI will receive advisory assistance from Genesis Investments in hiring professionals, digital marketing and monetization. In addition, the founders are planning to spend raised money on the further development and expansion of the application’s functionality - to create new effects and improve neural networks.