Why you and your startup need good Linkedin pages: VC advice + 4 main set-up steps

If you still doubt whether you need to work on your presence in LinkedIn — read this article as soon as possible. Senior Investment Analysts, who consider applications for funding at Genesis Investments, are sharing 4 tips on social presence.

When we review funding application documents in our inbox, we are always happy to see a link to the profile of the founders and the company on social networks as well. While Facebook might be a space for self-expression and more personal and funny content, LinkedIn is our main source of preliminary personal information for decision-making. To make a good first impression, we recommend startup founders to pay attention to the following 4 basic aspects of setting profiles:

1) Past experience list

This is the first thing that an investor's representative will study carefully in your profile.

  • Indicate in detail all your experience, starting after high school or college. It is not superfluous to mention even some projects not directly related to your industry. Sometimes even volunteering at the university brings great experience.

  • Make sure that you filled out not only your role, employer and timeline, but also add a bullet-pointed list with your responsibilities, achievements, organized activities and acquired skills.

  • If you have photos with your team, digital versions of developed projects, awards, achievements or any other kind of supporting materials — it would be great to attach them too.

2) Short profile description

This is also a very important part of the personal page — it helps to figure out who you are and how you position yourself as a professional.

  • Include information about your background, highlights of projects under your control and your key skills and expertise to make an overall impression.

  • Keep it brief. It is unlikely that someone will read a biography on several pages, but a few capacious paragraphs would make an excellent introduction.

  • Add a clear СTA at the end: for example, "DM to me if you are an investment analyst looking for Seed-stage AdTech startups to invest in”.

3) Recommendations

This is a section in which your connections leave feedback about your work and personality for future employers.

  • Try to get at least a few recommendations (1–3) from colleagues or employees — this will show that you put an effort to help people to see your personality from different angles.

  • Make sure that people you are asking to write about you have a LinkedIn profile with some information and are available for possible communication — in some cases they might be contacted too.

4) Company profile

Create your startup LinkedIn account here and make the profile that you indicate as your company page professional and appealing:

  • Fill in the basic fields logically and clearly — add company name, logo as a profile picture, a corporate image in the header, a brief description and website link.

  • Inform your team about the page and encourage them to indicate it as their place of work — the section of employees is important for us and we will definitely look at their pages.

  • If you are generating content (it is especially important for B2B companies), check its compliance with the content strategy and corporate image. If you do not post,  it’s worth considering building a brand image using a content strategy.

And last but not least — to see how Genesis Investments fund works, who our employees are and how we design the company’s page and content, you are welcome to visit our LinkedIn page. We always appreciate curiosity and interaction — let's stay in touch!