Smart Money: How Genesis Investments Helps Its Portfolio Companies

Genesis Investments is a venture capital fund with a strong focus on smart money — it goes further than just investing money to cover a startup's burn rate. The fund’s team performs various business operations using Genesis Investments’ internal resources to help portfolio companies grow and outperform the market.  In addition to basic assistance with long-term strategic goals and company vision, there are 5 main areas in which we share our expertise.

1. Talent Acquisition. 

We have a fund-based recruiting team, which currently consists of 5 people. They work exclusively with portfolio companies and hire R&D stuff, helping startups to acquire the best talents on the market.  Genesis Investments tries to hire employees mainly from Ukraine — we are motivated to use this resource and develop the IT sector. At the beginning of 2020, 184 thousand employed developers were registered and more and more educated specialists continue to enter the labor market. Usually, required specialists are iOS Developers, Full Stack .Net Engineers, PHP Developers, Manual QA Engineers and Game Designers, but other positions sometimes occur and find their perfect matches too. You can find out more about hiring stages and results in our recent blog post — Hiring for portfolio companies: how Genesis Investments Talent Acquisition Team helps startups to hire the strongest professionals.

Genesis Investments Talent Acquisition Team
Genesis Investments Talent Acquisition Team

2. Digital marketing 

Genesis Investments works closely with companies of its parent company Genesis and matches portfolio businesses with Genesis’ digital marketing specialists. They advise portfolio startups on how to reach profitability, increase the ROI of their marketing efforts, and scale. They also help to set up dashboards and fix compliance and blocking issues. Genesis’ creative team helps to generate new content ideas, choose platforms, and optimize traffic. They also share KPI's and level of margin benchmarks and test together new platforms — from Google Ads to Pinterest.

3. Jurisprudence

We help with all the legal issues that startups are facing. We have a team of market-leading lawyers with experience in structuring big investment deals, such as Techcrunch featured investment in Jiji in 2019 and IntellectoKids and VOCHI deals.  As full-cycle lawyers, Genesis specialists structure deals, negotiate transactions, draft complex documents, register legal entities in different countries, and support portfolio companies in future investment rounds.

4. Fundraising

If our portfolio companies are going to raise the next Series A and Series B rounds, we help to prepare documents and Pitch Deck, make financial forecasts, and determine unit economics. Also, networking is important — we can match founders directly with valuable investment contacts.

5. Financial statements

From the very initial stage, we show startups how to prepare financial statements and build financial models, if they do not have the CFO on board. In addition to the pragmatic assessment of business dynamics, it helps to start attracting investments on time and avoid the risk of incorrect data interpretation. 

Dzmitry Miskevich, Co-Founder & CEO of our portfolio company Basenji Apps, shares his comment:

The assistance listed in five points above helps startups to scale with maximum cost-reduction and experience-based advice. The General Partner of Genesis Investments Vitaly is co-founder of BetterMe and the Head of The Investment Committee Vladimir is the founder of Genesis.  Their experience gives extensive expertise in developing successful products, which is shared with portfolio companies on a regular basis. 

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