Hiring for portfolio companies: how Genesis Investments Talent Acquisition Team helps startups to hire the strongest professionals

At Genesis every manager and employee knows the power of motivational influence within the team. Experience shows that the more rigorous the hiring is, the faster the project is developing. It’s hard to organize a multi-stage selection process without a team of experienced talent seekers and HR-industry understanding. This is why Genesis Investment has its own talent acquisition team and makes portfolio companies teams stronger by hiring specialists according to high Genesis’ standards.

Genesis Investments Talent Acquisition Team
Genesis Investments Talent Acquisition Team

Who is engaged in the hiring process?

Genesis Investments Recruiting Team was formed in April, 2020 and consists of 5 people, who are hiring exclusively for 6 portfolio companies. Team constantly communicates with investment analysts and startup founders to stay tuned with the latest industry news, employee requirements and hiring goals. But this is not the only secret how the team copes with the variety of startups and examines multi-industry candidates successfully — all recruiters have extensive experience of working with IT companies and startups.  

Elena Kryvova, Head of Talent Acquisition at Genesis Investments, had been hiring for mobile, gaming, and software startups for 3 years before she joined GI (2 of which — at Genesis). When Elena had only one teammate, they closed 150 vacancies a year. Now with such pace and expansion of the team, she expects to close not less than 300 vacancies per year.

Elena Kryvova, Head of Talent Acquisition at Genesis Investments
Elena Kryvova, Head of Talent Acquisition at Genesis Investments

Elena has 4 team members who bring together their experiences in technology areas, IT and global companies:

Maria Buchaka, Star & Global Talent IT recruiting experience;
Julia Derevianchenko, Global Talent IT recruiting experience;
Alexandra Vasylenko, Nitrix HR management & IT recruiting experience;
Maria Chupryna, Genesis IT recruiting experience.

Maria, Julia, Alexandra, Maria, Talent Acquisition Specialists and Talent Analyst,  Genesis Investments
Maria, Julia, Alexandra, Maria, Talent Acquisition Specialists and Talent Analyst, Genesis Investments

Hiring process stages

Genesis Investments team does not just help hire — they provide full-cycle recruitment assistance and lead the process from HR-interview to onboarding. Team mainly follows Genesis' hiring procedures, but the process is not always the same — specialists add some unique stages and tasks for each startup individually. 

There are some mandatory steps for all projects: a meeting with a talent acquisition specialist, a technical interview with a Specialist or Team Lead and a meeting with the startup CEO. A technical interview takes from 30 mins to 3 hours and might be supplemented with a test task, a test working day or a test webinar speech. It might also be a live coding, when a candidate receives a task and performs it under supervision to demonstrate his working speed, ingenuity and logical sequence of actions.

The hiring process is fast-moving: every week all Genesis channels are replenished with new vacancies. On average, hiring  takes 1 month for non-technical vacancies, and 1.5 months for technical ones. The record period for hiring Senior Developer from the technical vacancy publishing to the employee's first working day was 2 weeks.

Technical part responsibilities and test task policy

To make sure that a person will be a perfect fit for a startup, GI talent acquisition  team leaves the right to test technical skills to portfolio companies. They do it in close cooperation: Genesis specialists share their templates and structure of the Genesis’ test tasks, and startups' CEOs make corrections and suggest how to adapt the task to their project. In all cases it should take 3-5 hours to do, be directly related to the responsibilities that the person will carry out and be abstract, non-related to real company's products.

How startups founders can track the process

Since the Genesis Investments Recruiting Team takes 80% of hiring responsibilities, it should provide CEOs or startup managers with an opportunity to track its progress. Portfolio companies get access to the internal CRM system, where they can check all details — candidate's CV, documents, test tasks, interview summaries, technical interview's feedback, and final meeting reports.

Why portfolio companies trust to delegate the process completely to us

First of all, we take this operation because we offer effective and long-term hires. For Genesis startup projects, 99% of hired candidates successfully completed their probation and 90% of employees stayed in a company for more than 1,5 years.

Secondly, before hiring, we conduct labor market research and optimize hiring requirements for a specific country. The team of recruiters provides the founders with a detailed report that predicts the number of candidates, their level, salary expectations and deadlines for closing the vacancy. Usually for each position there are more than 100 online-applications. After screening 8-70 candidates move to the next stage - personal interview.

And last but not least,  due to a huge saving in time and resources,  portfolio companies put their efforts on other business processes important for development and expansion. Genesis investment covers all expenses for salaries to GI recruiting specialists, the publication of vacancies on paid platforms and, of course, time. Investment analysts note that during the time that we are saving for companies when we do recruiting, startup founders can put their efforts on fundraising and even raise the next investment round while we are doing a part of their business for them.

If you are interested in job opportunities, check out openings in Genesis and stay tuned for our LinkedIn and Facebook digests.