8 Ways To Spoil Any Startup Pitch

Disclaimer: This article is an opinion, expressed by Elena Mazhuha, and must not be treated as an official statement of Genesis Investments.

In 2019, we have seen ~500 pitch decks of startups coming from Ukraine, Belarus, and Baltic Countries. As a result, we have noticed eight major mistakes made by startups in these presentations. 

1. Poor grammar. 
2. Selfishness: founders often explain the ideas as if only they and their co-founders would read the deck. But in fact, the decks are made for external audiences and should be clear to them. 
3. No numbers, only epithets "huge", "large", "awesome". 
4. No clear business/revenue model. 
5. Incomplete description of THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF A STARTUP - team. 
6. Not clear who is the founder and who is the CEO. Because sometimes these are different persons. 
7. Nothing about traction or current progress. 
8. Too many vanity metrics. 

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